Boston Pilot – Is a Recession Looming? How to Navigate the Current Market Turbulence While Remaining Rooted In Biblically Responsible Investment Principles

  • Is there a recession in 2022?
  • How should Christians navigate the stock market this year?

In the webinar, Mike and Steve offered the view that the U.S. is in recession. This is evidenced by having two negative consecutive quarters in GDP. Despite starting the year in great shape as the consumer and business sectors were strong. So too were the state and local government balance sheets. Policies in Washington had a profound impact on the economy and markets this year.

Fortunately, with so many sectors starting from a healthy place, the downturn should be relatively mild as it relates to the economy. The tailwinds from the Covid recovery continue particularly in sectors such as leisure and hospitality. Unfortunately, there are headwinds as well with government policy including the Fed interest rate hikes, geopolitical issues in Europe and Asia and the uncertainty caused by the mid-term election.

Although not a guarantee of the future, history suggests that investors can seek both investment performance and adherence to Christian Values. Mike Skillman and Steve Nelson discussed this topic in light of the FIS Biblically Responsible Risk Managed ETF (ticker: PRAY).

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