Endowments provide ongoing, perpetual funds for your mission. Money is set-aside and, if done properly, secured from creditors while it is invested.

Each quarter or year, a portion of the earnings are paid out to fund a not-for-profit’s operations and staff, key positions or other missions of the organization.

How CIP Helps

We assist not-for-profit organizations by managing the investment portfolios. As a global, multi-asset class portfolio manager, we are well-suited for this work.

Our team has extensive experience in the not-for-profit space having served as trustees and members of the board. Our committee work as both members and chairs include development, investment and audit committees.


Beyond managing the portfolios, we have a passion for ensuring sound governance is established and maintained.

This incorporates topics like the gift acceptance and spending policies, developing the Investment Policy Statement, monitoring for variance, measuring performance and providing cost versus value received calculations.

Education and a Culture of Philanthropy

We enjoy educating stakeholders in the Why of endowments. We endeavor to partner with your organization to grow gifts and build a culture of philanthropy.

Consultation and education to the board, staff and donors is something we enjoy doing both in the context of endowments and capital campaigns.

Together let us create a future of abundance!

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