Channel 12 Midday Interview

  • Steve Nelson, CFA and Chief Executive Officer of the firm discussed Capital Insight Partners on Channel 12’s Midday program
  • The interview addressed the core values of the firm including research excellence and performance and service to a limited clientele
  • Financial and insurance planning and other family office services were discussed
  • The interview also explored our firm’s work assisting people with their life insurance and legacy planning needs

The core values of Capital Insight Partners are; Ethics and integrity, owner’s mindset and work ethic, performance and service to a limited clientele, collaboration and research excellence. We serve individuals and families with over $2 million to invest.

Quantifying your goals and making them the center of a financial plan is important. Knowing where you seek to go financially helps us chart the best course to attain those goals. As such, financial planning is an important part of our work.

As global multi-asset class portfolio managers, we can invest anywhere in the world to obtain both the return and risk mitigation objectives you have for the portfolio. Investing across large, mid and small-capitalization stocks affords us a wide opportunity set for your assets.

We are pleased to serve as the advisor to many 401(k) plans on behalf of employers and the people who work for them. Expertise is required to succeed in this field and we are delighted to help companies and employees find compelling solutions for their retirement plan needs.